1、We're often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction.But is this really the case? 咱们常常被奉告国际处于消灭的边际。但现实真的如此吗?

  2、An increasing number of people are joining the“Information Age”via the Internet.In reaction to the phenomenon,some say the Internet has removed barrters provided people with immediate access to the world. But do they raelize that rapidly advancing information technology can also lead to intrusions of privacy? 不断添加的人经过互联网进入了“信息时代”。对于这一表象,一些人以为互联网消除了妨碍,为大家供给了与国际即时连接的路径。可是,他们有没有意识到迅速发展的信息技术也能致使侵犯隐私?


  3、There is a general debate nowadays about the problem of itinerant workers.Those who object to the rising migrant population argue that increasing numbers lead to rising crime rates harm social stability.They believe that strict limits should be placed on migrants entering China's cities.But people who favor the influx of the cheap labor force,on the other hand,maintain that migrants are needed to support the massive urban infrastructure construction program. 当前,对于活动工人的疑问展开了遍及的争辩。对立活动工人添加的人以为这会致使犯罪率升高,从而损害社会安稳。他们建议应当严厉约束进入我国城市的活动工人。可是,另一方面,支撑贱卖劳动力流入的人建议,为了支撑大规模的城市基础设施建造方案,活动人口是必需的。

  4、It is widely acknowledged that extensive deforestation contributed to heavy summer flooding.Experts argue that China must introduce a massive afforestation program.But I doubt whether afforestation alone will solve the problem. 大家遍及以为过度砍伐造成了夏日特大洪水。专家以为我国有必要推广大规模的植树造林方案。但我对仅仅植树造林就能处理疑问表示置疑。

  5、Most people are of the opinion that wealth provides solutions to all problems.But in spite of the material benefits wealth provides,I believe one should abandon the pursuit of materialism instead concentrate on the pursuit of happiness. 大多数人以为财富为一切疑问供给处理的方法。可是,我以为,虽然财富供给物质上的利益,一个人应当抛弃物质至上的追求,而是集中精力追求幸福。

  6、Many people believe that capital punishment deters crime.But although criminologists have conducted exhaustive research regarding the subject,little evidence exists to support the claim. 很多人信任极刑能阻挠犯罪。可是,尽管刑事学家就这一课题做了详尽的研讨,几乎没有证据能支持这种说法。

  7、When it comes to the increasing use of motor vehicles in Beijing,some people think that use should be limited.Others argue that the opposite is true.There is probably some truth to both arguments,but emission controls must be instituted regardless of the number of vehicles. 触及湖南机动车运用量添加这一疑问,有的人以为应当约束运用。另一些人持相反定见。或许双方的观念都有一定道理,可是,不管车辆多少,必须对废气排放实行控制。

  8、The use of guanxi is a widespread method for conducting business,but is it a wise one?The method is now being challenged by more more people. 使用联系是做生意的遍及做法,但这种做法明智吗?如今,不断增加的人对这种办法提出了质疑。

  9、These days we often hear about the widening gap between the rich poor.Some argue the developed world has totally ignored the problem.But has it ?Close examination fails to bear out the argument. 近来,我们常常听到贫富差距扩展了的说法。一些人以为兴旺世界完全疏忽了这个疑问。事实是这样吗?详尽的查询无法证实这一观念。

  10、When asked about the ongoing uproar involving U.S. President Bill Clinton,most people say the affair involves a purely private matter.But many other people regard his actions as deplorable.I personally think the president committed impeachable offences. 当被问及对如今有关美国总统比尔。克林顿的沸反盈天的议论有啥观点时,大多数人以为这种暧昧联系纯属私事。可是,还有很多人以为他的行动应当受到谴责。我个人以为总统犯了这些差错,应当被指控。

  11、Never before in history has the issue of overpopulation been more evident than now. 前,人口过剩的疑问从来没有比如今愈加杰出。

  12、The rapid expansion of urban areas has in many cases encroached on valuable cultivatable land,led to a general recognition that development must not be carried at the cost of agriculture.The government has attached greater importance to the problem an increasing number of redundant projects are being terminated. 城区的迅速扩展在许多情况下侵占了名贵的可耕地,使大家遍及认识到发展不能以献身农业为价值。政府愈加注重这个疑问,越来越多的不必要的工程被停止。

  13、Perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon gripping the nation today is official corruption,which is pervasive in all levels of government. 或许当今困惑国家的最风险的现象是遍及各级政府的官员。

  14、Inflation is yet another new bitter truth we must learn to face. 通货膨胀又是一个咱们有必要学会面对的痛苦的新情况。

  15、One of the most serious problems many people talk about centers on the lack of adequate housing space. 许多人议论的一个最严峻的疑问会集在缺少满足的寓居空间。